01 November, 2015

#WIDN - November


It took a lot of courage and a strong 20 minutes of "they are more scared of you than you are of them" but I finally dragged my 'backpacking back-pack' out from under my bed, brushed off the mold (true), applauded the lack of spider and started packing for my holiday. Which I will be on in one week's time.

This holiday is going to be an adventure, it's going to be an escape, it's going to be entirely unpredictable and it's going to be an opportunity for me to come up against myself and reflect on the year. How does one pack for such an excursion? Ray-bans, a bikini, and a first-aid kit is how.

Buying books

I have read about 0 books all year. Which is disgusting for an English Literature graduate who LOVES TO READ. It takes head-space and peace of mind to focus on a book, and I have struggled with both those things recently. With 3 weeks away from work coming up, I have absolutely no excuse and plan to revive my inner bookworm before the month is out.

So far on the holiday reading list I have Mindy Kaling x 2, Tina Fey and Caitlin Moran. What?

Sleeping. Loads.

Is anyone else hibernating like never before? To say I survived on about 4 hours a night for the first half of this year, I now seem to be paying off my sleep debt. I am struggling to wake up on weekends, instead of sitting bolt up right at 6am like "Hi, life!", I slept for eleven sweet hours on Friday and honestly? I could nap again right now. I don't care if it's exhaustion, the darker mornings or just the volume of carbs I am consuming, I am so happy with my revived relationship with sleep and long may it continue.

Not buying clothes

Autumn is my favourite time of year for doing words - running, baking, eating, sleeping (see above), driving. The colours, the foliage, the ability to wear a cape. 

For me, shopping is also more fun in Autumn (clothes and food). I will always rather wear skinny jeans and boots, than vest tops and sandals. But this year I have had to abstain, because I have a right holiday to save for. I miss being able to walk into Topshop and say "hey you sexy tweed two-piece, I worked for you, get in my basket." I can't do that because instead my money is going towards invaluable memories and non-refundable life experience, so it's O.K.

Pastures new

My Dad is moving to a new part of the country this month which will mean a whole new set of adventures for me when I visit. Running on new ground. In. The Countryside. Somewhere to go that I haven't (yet) been drunk and disorderly. Fresh territory can be a total tonic. So I am excited to see how that new chapter unfolds.

Baking a lot of bread

I have baked 2 loaves and 12 rolls in the last week. And I live alone.

Avoiding thinking about Christmas

I usually start getting excited for Christmas on 1st September, and just pretend to roll my eyes and be livid about decorations in shops before we've even had Halloween, If anything, it's me who puts them there. This year though, I haven't given Christmas it's usual 4 months of attention. Mainly because I am missing all of the November build-up (including the launch of the Christmas Cups), gifts are likely to be plastic elephants from Chiang Mai (soz family, shoe-string budget), and I still haven't moved past about January in my mind.

My life has been this big dramatic pause all year, and I am mainly stood around open-mouthed like what has just happened? WHAT. HAS HAPPENED. Because of this limbo state, I just cannot get my head around the fact it's going to be Christmas. Again. Really soon. And it's going to be very different for the first time in a long time. I hope my time away gives me the chance to catch up on all of this year, and come my return I will be ready to embrace, or at least face, tinsel.

What is November bringing for you?