07 November, 2013

Social Media Girl Problems

Tonight I am doing something I don't very often do - I am unplugging myself from the whole world. As my  social media contemporaries will know, it gets increasingly difficult to do when living and working in the social media frenzy. Especially when I am rarely actually motivated to switch off - I really rather like being ON. As someone who already indulges in a never ending merry go round of Tweets, Instagrams and notifications outside of work, working in the same capacity can mean I am very rarely disconnected. Whilst this is good for my timeline, it isn't always so good for my health.

I have really struggled to wind down these past few weeks, even on weekends and evenings I feel super-charged, thinking about work a lot and forever checking in. My stress levels have peaked, sleep hasn't come so easy and last night I surpassed myself with a terrifying 3.5 hours of shut eye. I only have myself to blame - I am fairly sure I check my phone, Twitter, Facebook, emails, more often than the average once every 6.5 minutes. I am a monk's nightmare, I don't deserve to sleep!

Although I am loving every single second of being so immersed in the social media world and have never felt more motivated, I have had to start thinking more about my wellbeing again. As passionate as I am about social media and as excited as I am about changing the world through Twitter (*dreams*) as my Mum once so simply put it 'social media is like being at a constant party', and it really, really is. Constant socialising, interacting, reacting, never any time for reflection. While my Klout score may thrive, my mind and body can wilt if I don't stop for some fresh, non-virtual air every now and then. I worry I will miss life if I do too much of it through a screen. I tested the waters at the weekend and managed to get through an entire fireworks display without watching it through my phone, or sharing the experience with anyone online before the experience itself was even over. I immersed myself in the moment and realised how much more often I should do it, and not for  the first time. Starting the day with this in mind, after so little sleep I wanted to heave all the way to work,  this morning I walked the 50 minutes to work NOT plugged into my ipod, and I felt so much more relaxed at the end of that walk, for once I had sort of floated in on my thoughts instead of charging along plugged into my imagined soundtrack (are there definite no cameras?)

Tonight I am breathing that non-social air.  I am taking a 12 hour digital holiday, which in social media terms is about 17 years. With the house to myself, a very tired head and a baking cupboard gasping to be opened, I am switching OFF. Of course blogging isn't the best start to such an evening, but you know, I just had to share....

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