02 June, 2013

'Tomorrow is a new day and you'll begin it serenely' - that and a good old spring clean!

There's something about the sunshine, the rush of energy we get from that big yellow ball in the sky and the way spring-summer-time leaves us feeling hopeful and new, that makes us want to dust away the cobwebs, finally clear out that cupboard and create a sparkly new space for ourselves to live in. 

Clear outs can be fun, but they can be hugely sentimental (still capable of sobbing over that note your primary school boyfriend passed you in assembly? get rid!) and sometimes halfway through things look worse than they did before you started and you wish you'd just left things as they were. But clear-outs are so much more than the words imply. They don't just leave your room IKEA catalogue ready, they are therapeutic, a detox of sorts, and I am a big fan of throwing stuff away when my mind feels full to the brim.

I have to keep a very clean and tidy space at all times. Even one pot on the worktop aggrevates my peace of mind and whenever I have gone through a difficult time, it is instantly shown in the piles of clothes and junk that build up around me. Some people are alright with junk, and I actually admire those who are able to get on with their life next to a stack of rubbish, but I'm not one of them. They say creative minds are rarely tidy and I think there is a lot in that. I need a clean and tidy haven because living in anything other than that causes me to lose balance, I don't sleep well and I feel unable to juggle the many plates life throws at me.

This past few weeks I have had a fairly busy and stressful time, and all I have wanted to do is find a bite of time to clear out my top drawer. That's right, of all life's challenges my messy top drawer was pissing me off the most and I knew it was holding me back. Not because I am OCD, but because I know that deep-cleansing my living space leaves me so much better able to cope with all the busyness and stress. So today, I put all other demands aside and took that time. What started with a bedside table tidy-up became a full on overhaul of my 'me space'. Summer dresses came out of storage, nail polishes got lined up in colour order and I SHREDDED paper . Is there any more satisfying feeling than shredding paper??? I only did a few hours of this today as I only recently moved house and threw away 27 bin liners of my past in the process, but even in the few hours I did today I feel so much more prepared for what lies ahead. There is space in my mind to take on whatever challenges are lined up for me and also I have a pretty display of pretty things to look at. Hurrah!

When we're all so busy, and there is always something much more pressing/fun to be doing than going through 27 years of tat, it is so easy to put off a much needed clear out. But when the spring clean bug gets you, you are a person on a mission. On goes the motivational music, out come the big black bin liners, off goes your phone and before you know it you have created a haven. It becomes you and that haven against the world. Letting go of the past with the simple act of obliterating old bank statements and finally saying adieu to the shoes you wore once in 1996 leaves you free of  baggage, somehow lighter and ready to welcome a positive tomorrow.


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