14 June, 2013

'Time flies whether you are having fun or not' x

The past few weeks have been a lot more positive for me. After what felt like weeks of obstacles, difficulties, set-backs and heartaches, things have turned around a bit. Or my ability to manage it changed at least. I think we all have a point at which we just stop having the energy to care about things, we stop fighting so hard and ironically when we do the world sort of naturally gives us a break.

In the aftermath of the storm, it's been a very busy but very productive few weeks for me, I have been working hard, got back into the gym after a whole month off due to illness, ticked loads of appointments and errands of my list and just basically I have been kicking ass at getting my life into shape. The way I had been doing things stopped working for me and I couldn't understand why - so I took a step back and changed it. It hasn't been easy, I have wanted to crumble, cry and eat chocolate.

Instead I got up, I changed my exercise regime to get me strong again, I started giving my mind the same kind of attention I give my body (I recommend the Head Space app for anyone looking to get into meditation), I stuck at things I don't usually stick at, I forced my mind not to dwell, I focused and worked hard and achieved a few really small but important things. In just 2 weeks I feel all shiny and new again.

The only thing I haven't done a lot of lately is have a good old laugh with my girl friends. I have spent a lot of time working and not so much time living. When there is so much to be done, it isn't always easy to find the time to have some real life FUN, so I make sure to whack that to the top of my to-do list sometimes. Now I can safely say I have given myself a good shake-up, I have earnt a big laugh over a bigger glass of rose. This weekend I get to see the girls who make me laugh the most, who are nothing but joyful and who do nothing but chill me out and make me feel good about myself.  And I am excited.

Sometimes we need to be really good and suck up the rubbish and plod on through some totally bleak moments, but sometimes we just need to let our hair down, have a drink, laugh at Baby Monkey on a Pig for the millionth time, just remember that these moments are the reason we do all the hard work. It really is true that there is no point in striving if you don't get to have fun along the way.

Have a great weekend everyone - hopefully you deserve it.


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