30 June, 2013

Monday Monday, So Good to Me x


I'm going to let you into a little secret. I like Monday's. I do. They aren't the worst day of the week. On a Monday I am usually happy from a good weekend and full of energy from lots of sleep or full of weekend treats and memories - either way I usually have a smile on my face. On a Monday I am sprightly and polished, my lunch is made, my bag is packed complete with weekly to-do list and a well organised Filofax, and I am usually certain  this is the week I am going to finally make my mark on the world. I could be swept away to Hollywood, stumble upon a small fortune, or discover a revolutionary talent for rapping. It could happen. This week has literally NEVER happened before, we can take what we want from it. What do you want from it? I want to lose the few pounds that I put on in pizza yesterday, nail a biiiggg presentation (not 'til Friday, big wait, wah) and have a lovely Date Night with my chap. Not a tall order, so I reckon this week is going to deliver, if I put my mind to it.

I don't really understand where the fear of Monday's originates from. I do experience Sunday Dreads, which Monday Fear is closely linked to, but my Sunday Dread is more an irrational fear that I won't be able to do life anymore, that the pressure will finally get too much and I will regress to infancy, scribbling on the walls of the office and running about in my knickers in hysteria. My Sunday Dreads are the fear of being unable to cycle after a few days off the bike. It's not personal to Monday's, the dreads could take hold of me any day of the week (bar Friday, the Christmas eve of the week).

By the time Monday morning dawns I am usually well over that irrational fear though and generally looking forward to getting into gear. While I see people hating on Mondays all over my timeline, for me a new week is full of hope - it's a clean slate, untainted, it has the potential to be life changing or at least better than the last one. We have a huge amount of power to influence how our own week is going to pan out and if we start it in the ready position we are so much more likely to score. This is why people start diets on Mondays and stock up the fridge - fuel for the right. We're preparing for a belter, and to bat away those challenges with the vigour of a recent day Murray on centre court This is why I also like mornings more than night time - the new is so much hopeful than the old. untainted and full of hope.

I don't really understand why so many people don't like Mondays. Poor Monday has even had songs written about it. I think it comes down to outlook and probably how much you hate your job, but more than that I think it comes down to perspective. I look at Monday as an opportunity, rather than a challenge, and usually it's a good day for me. Wednesday is my Nemesis. I'm a Wednesdays child ('full of woe) and it's by this point things have started to go wrong, I'm tired and it's still a few days until I can sack it all off, put it behind me and start again. So if I give you some of my Monday positivity now, will you make sure to save me some of yours for later in the week?

Have a good one...


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