30 May, 2013

Do you enjoy my little blog? PLEASE nominate my blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards x

So it's obvious my blog isn't the most snazzy around, it's not aesthetically awe-inspiring and it doesn't have all the special widgets and apps that can make professional blogs look 'proper'. I know that, but it doesn't phase me because I also know that's not what should drive my readers. I want the people who read my blog to read it for the fact that it offers something that's pretty hard to come by these days - sincerity. My blog is nothing if not honest, and I love the fact that it doesn't hide behind any airs and graces, but goes back to just good old written word, and quality writing at that.Too many 'writers' these days hide behind aesthetics, mirroring the problem with the entire modern world, and I try to bring us back to the things that matter - art, literature, humanity, real-life.

Luckily for my blog, it does have some dedicated readers.  In it's lifetime it's had a fair few hits to say my publicity goes as far as the occasional Facebook post, and readers from across the globe too. I am always dazzled to see it is being read in some far away place like India and I wish I knew who those people were reading it from the other side of the world. I know who some of my readers are though, and those are the people who make my week when I get a message telling me how much they enjoy it, or how it has cheered them, made them smile or just inspired them to look at things more positively. The highlight of my blogging life to date was an email from someone telling me my Mid-20's Crisis post had genuinely helped her through a really difficult time. I won't pretend that's why I write, I write for me, but mannnn that felt good!

Some of these dedicated readers I speak of have recently encouraged me to enter the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, and so true to style I have dived in with a 'why not' attitude? So now you'll see a little voting widget on my homepage - yes, that's right, a widget! - which links to the Cosmo Blog Awards page. There you can follow some really simple steps to nominate me under the category of Best Lifestyle Blog. Even if mine isn't the actual BEST blog in town-  do you enjoy my blog? do you find it interesting? do you look forward to reading it? If no, then stop reading for heavens sake! If yes, then please do me a favour, pay me back for the entertainment and reading material I have provided you with, and take 2 minutes out of your time to nominate me. 

I will finish by saying I live my life by the motto Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind, and I like to think my blog is all those things. It should be anyway as it is my own stream of consciousness (although I am willing to admit sometimes it might be a little passionate too...) and while I don't claim to be the most graceful writer or the most savvy blogger in town, I do feel very proud of the posts I produce, their meaning, their endurance, their staying-power and their ability to resonate.

  • Head to this link and click 'next' to the nomination page: http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/blogs/cosmo-blog-awards-2013/enter-the-2013-cosmopolitan-blog-awards-nominate-now
  • Type in your email address
  • Type in my blog URL: www.thehanmadetales.com
  • Select 'best lifestyle blog'
  • Answer 'No' to 'Is this blog under 1 year old'
  • Complete the check boxes
  • Click submit!
  • Ask others to do the same if you know they read it too.
Love and thanks


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