31 March, 2013

Easter Ever After

I had a whole Easter post planned that I was going to write on the train from home in St Albans to home in Sheffield today. It was going to incorporate chocolate and bank Holidays and all the things we get a buzz off from that fantastic Thursday before Good Friday right through to the food-induced coma we slip into on Easter Monday night.

The problem with writing is, it can get blocked. To be creative, your mind has to be relatively free of other more urgent thoughts, and unfortunately today mine is not. Usually I can rely on a long bank holiday to blow off steam, sleep off any angst and leave me a window somewhere to do the thing I love the most - write. But today, in all honesty, I just don't feel like it.

No matter how well we plan it, how hard we work to create lovely weekends for ourselves, sometimes other dynamics in our lives come and knock us sideways just at the wrong time, fill our head with thoughts and punch our heart with that very angst we thought we'd just cleared away. Unfortunately, this Easter Sunday I'm a little sad and I don't have much room to be funny and creative with my pen.

But I've got an hour to kill, and I vowed to always blog honestly, so just because I can't be on top form doesn't mean I can't blog at all right?

Some occasions are too special to let every day troubles taint them, and Easter is one of them! When else have you get 4 uninterrupted days with your loved ones? Where else do you get to hang up your work hat and put on your dancing shoes for 4 days straight? How else do you get chocolate for breakfast and quality time with the people you care about for dinner? On those occasions, you have a choice. Do you let another holiday pass you by in a cloud of everyday woes? Or do you Han up, paint on a lipstick smile and put your best foot?

I know what I'm going to do. Pass me the Easter eggs, pour me a rose, put up my feet - because this girls having a happy Easter, the rest of the world can wait.


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