11 March, 2013

A video that changed my day - be creative, make your mark x

I wasn't going to post on here this week, but my impulse to share things that inspire me with others is too strong. This video caught my eye over Twitter today, via the much loved and much hated Fearne Cotton - thankfully I watched it and once again I remembered why I love the power of social media. I am so glad this video reached me and inspired me when I most needed it.

Sometimes you just need to step out of your own world for ten minutes, so that when you step back into it again you're able to enjoy it all the more.

'Beck Reimagines David Bowie's Sound & Vision' (If I could change one thing about myself, I would have a beautiful singing voice and the ability to compose something as beautiful as this).

Have an inspiring day - be creative and make your mark. No-one will remember you for what you didn't say or do.


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