04 February, 2013

Porridge - but CAN I have some more?!

Porridge! Everybody's doing it. From Gillian McKeith to Dr Christian Jessen, if you ask an expert what you can have for breakfast instead of your usual Kit-Kat, they'll throw this oaty fuel at you faster than you can say 'boring!' Whilst I find both of the afore mentioned nutritionists creepy (in different ways) I am happy to take their advice on this one, as long as I don't have to look directly at their judging scowls.

I am fairly health conscious and actually don't have chocolate for breakfast, except on Christmas Day, my Birthday and whenever Jordan gets married (as a celebration that she'll no longer be out, trying to straddle all our men), but porridge is something I just didn't think I liked, so I've stuck to Muesli, Weetabix or Shreddies - porridge's less attractive younger siblings. Up until very recently that is.

My earliest memory of porridge is camping with my Dad and sisters, him waking us up for breakfast and me gawping at the giant pan of milky, creamy, gloopy mixture being stirred over the gas fire...and promptly receding back into my tent. Eugh. I looked at porridge and I saw school dinners, I saw PRISON, I saw poverty, I saw Oliver! and I saw nothing that I wanted to eat.

More recently my view on porridge has changed. I can't say I have given the food stuff a huge deal of my thoughts (there's only so much to go round) but as an adult, leading a very active very hungry lifestyle, I recently started to wish I liked porridge in the same way I wish I liked coffee and Red Wine. Not one to be defeated, I decided to train myself up. I trained myself to like olives in recent years, surely porridge couldn't be much different?

I started off with stabilisers, investing in a box of Ready Brek which I had always liked as a child, doused with a bit of honey and the occasional scattering of Cocoa (amazing), I was happy to find Ready Brek still goes down as well now as it did when I was 7. Some things just don't change. More recently I have happily progressed to the instant porridge sachets - Oatsos, Dorest Cereal or M&S - flavoured with Honey and Golden Syrup. If I add water instead of Milk, I'm flying and now I actually love the formerly 'far too grown up and boring' breakfast.

I'm still not sure I could stomach the sloppy mess that is old-school porridge, but the quaint little sachets minus the milk are my breakfast equivalent of a plaster with Winne-the-Pooh on, or raisins covered in chocolate.

Now I'm here to rave to you all about Porridge! It seems to be bang on trend at the moment too - all the cool kids are doing it, all the best brands are producing jazzed-up modern-day versions of the traditional meal. From Pret-a-Manger to M&S, not a store in sight is lacking in porridge. It's cheap, it's incredible fuel, it's low in Kcals, high in fibre and equally as affluent in yum-factor. And, sorry to go on about the sachets, but they are PORTABLE! I am going to take them everywhere with me. Like Karl Pilkington and his Monster Munch. I am the Karl Pilkington of the breakfast world.

My latest discovery is Dorest Cereals raspberry flavoured 'Proper Porridge', with added pumpkin seeds and dried raspberries for a super exciting flavour. I am shallow enough to be taken in by the adorable packaging too. Currently in Tesco's for £2.00 (on offer from £2.59) for a box of 10 sachets, I am ecstatic about the discovery. My next 2 working weeks of breakfast is sorted, for 20p a time!

I just did a blog post on PORRIDGE. Now I'm of to burn it off at Netball and can't wait for breakfast tomorrow.

What's your best breakfast?


Porridge of the Week goes to...

You get 10 of these cute sachets per £2.49 box, approx 200 Kcals per serving with 180 mils of semi-skimmed milk!

Add some dried fruit, honey or chocolate chips to make your breakfast EVEN MORE exciting...

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