14 February, 2013

Every Day Love: Happy Valentines Day x

People will get dressed up today, go out for expensive meals, shower each other with gifts and declare eternal love. Today, being the operative word - there's no 'today' in 'eternal', is there?

What bothers me about Valentines Day is just that - that we're supposed to vacuum up all the love we have for someone and blast them with it in one day's worth of hot lovin' air, and then tomorrow we can all resume normal service. To me, that's not what Love is about - one day of forced, superficial romance doesn't make a happy heart. Real love doesn't need champagne or diamonds, because when it's real it sparkles all by itself. I will be more than happy today with a bowl of home-cooked pasta, a film and a warm bed, because Love is not a flash bastard, it's a doddery old man still holding his wife's hand after 50 years of marriage.

Appreciating the people you love and taking time out to act on that appreciation is a brilliant concept, as it is so easy to let days and weeks, months and years, go by without stopping to acknowledge what you have right in front of you, but I am all for doing that every single day, or at least in your own time, in your own way.

Every day is Valentines Day for me, not least because I have filled literally my world with hearts, but also because I wake up every morning knowing what I have got and appreciating it. I go to bed every night doing the same. I bake cakes all hours of the day and the reason for that is I need a tangible outlet for my love - the main ingredient of everything I ever make. I send cards all the time, to everyone who I have ever appreciated - hell even one of my best mates got a platonic valentines card today the lucky minx! As much as I will enjoy Valentines Day, if you took it away from me I wouldn't notice, because it's about filling your world with love all year round.

Everyone has a different idea of what Love Is, but while we're all doing different things and celebrating or not celebrating today, I want to share this with you, as it really sums up Love for me.

This is Love x

What do you think 'Love Is'?

Here is some of my everyday Love - Happy Valentines Day x

  • I am so proud of these - hidden heart cupcakes!

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