16 January, 2013

Writing like I Eat

This year I am changing my blogging style. BIG NEWS. As much as I love spending 6 hours writing a really heart-felt, indulgent, philosophical article about life events or just silly musings, there are many draw-backs to trying to maintain a blog in this way. Firstly, effusive articles aren't really what blogs are for - while I maintain there is no 'should' in 'blog', it is important to keep content that looks outward rather than inward. Longer articles can be therapeutic,  but they can become self-involved. So while my writing inspiration will always come from my own little life so as to paint a bigger picture, I have resolved to try and look outwards for inspiration more frequently.

As well as this, it is near-on impossible to write-up long blog posts every week - let alone every few days - between work, family, friends, exercise, baking, FUN...and all the other things I hold dear. My solution until now has been to just not blog at all until I can find a day to dedicate to it, but 3 years since my debut post and that 'day' comes but once a month (if I'm lucky) and so until I tire or retire I need to find a different way of living out my writing dream.

Instead of giving up my blog all together, I am succumbing to social blogging norms (reluctantly) and have decided to try and write shorter posts (with the odd meaty piece in between, because everyone loves a good nosy into ones heart). So this year I will blog in the same way in which I eat - little and often. I vow to blog;
  • with more variety
  • with less emotion (please realise this is like asking The Hulk to walk in a less muscly way)
  • ultimately just more
What I don't want to do is lose the quality of writing. It is easy to forget to write creatively and beautifully when you're bashing out a pre-tea update just to fulfill a quota, but I write to write and for no other reason, so to lose that creative element would for me negate the whole purpose.

Wish me luck!


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  1. No luck required - you already have everything you need to succeed, Han, in bucket loads. Just go for it! xxx


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