24 January, 2013

What Makes your Day? (Dangerously Geeky Confessions Inside)

They say it takes three positive thoughts to cancel out a negative one, so it makes sense to me that by focusing on the little things that make us smile, we can for the most part be in control of our day-to-day happiness. As I've matured (and come out the other side of some humdingers) I've learnt that even when the big things in our lives are in some way falling short of what we feel we need to be 'happy' or if we're going through a tough time, we can still promote happiness within ourselves by acknowledging the small, everyday things that we can control, to maintain a happier state of mind. It's definitely a concept that takes some solid work at times, but I've found the happier I am the easier it is to do, the happier I am the easier it is to do...and so the cycle continues.

The 'Little Things' can be anything from what you do, wear, say, hear or eat to where you go and the people you meet. They tend to look mundane from the outside and usually they're free - look out for them because they probably make your day.

I have often been accused of being a morning person and getting far too excited about small things (shocker!) and both are true for the same reason. I don't like going to bed because night-time daunts me, but also I just really really really love the feeling I get in a morning knowing there is a whole day ahead of all those little things that make me happy. From my first cup of tea of the day to padding about in my cosy slippers at night - there is usually some joy to be found somewhere and those are the things that can form the foundations of our day-to-day mood. They don't get so much of a look in when I'm in bad mood, granted, but I am trying to learn to remain focused on them even at times when things feel too hard.

Today was the first day of this week that I've had a bit more time to go at my own pace and take a step back to enjoy the Little Things, instead of rushing through them.I haven't done anything particularly 'exciting' or even that active (it was my day off from exercise)  but being able to take that time to just enjoy living is so therapeutic and I will definitely be going to bed (noooo!) with a smile on my face tonight.

What are your 'Little Things' that make you smile throughout the day? Let me know - we might all be missing some gems. Here is what made me smile today (there are some dangerously geeky confessions inside) - it might make me sound crazy, but you lot already knew that about me.


MY MORNING TEA- a common one I'm sure, but I really am a tea-lover and on the days I'm not running before work, I love getting straight out of bed and rolling down to the kettle, it's so oddly satisfying, especially after a good sleep! I have a really geeky ritual of having a cuppa from my best mug every morning- without fail. My big Pink TInkerbell has come with me everywhere and through everything since 1st year of uni,  so I feel a special attachment to it and drinking tea from it it calms me down. (The photo frame behind it also makes me smile, as it was a  gift from Urban Outfitters for no occasion other than someone felt like treating me back for something I'd done for them- this doesn't happen often enough in life, so this ones a real treat!)

MY FAVOURITE CLOTHING: I wore my favourite top and berry coloured jeans combo which got me off to a good start -I never feel more like me than when I am wearing my polka dot peplum from DP, the polka dots and shape compliment my personality and the flare gives me more of a hip too so it's flattering which gives me confidence. It sounds SO geeky (can't believe I am sharing this) but I often wait until the end of the week to wear this when all the important work stuff is mainly over, as a self-congratulatory treat. I wore it today and I didn't want to take it off, not even for my onesie!

MY WALK TO WORK: I feel so so lucky that I can walk to work at the moment (for the first time in my career) and because I appreciate it so much I can't wait to do the 50 minute scamper into town everyday. I love getting in early before everyone else, just as the city is waking up. This morning it looked like this and I wanted the moment to last all day - Sheffield is a beautiful city.

TIDY DESK,TIDY MIND: I get such a buzz from a tidy, personalised environment at home and at work, and I am starting to feel at home at my 'new' desk. I randomly gave it a clear up this morning, and I buzzed off it for the rest of the day. 

BREAKFAST...is my happiest meal of the day, because I love the options and I know that even after it has gone, there is still MORE food to come that day. I bought these M&S Honey Porridge sachets in case of breakfast emergencies and just to add a bit of variety - I was early in today so had this at my desk and it just made me happy. I recommend this product for anyone who struggles to squeeze in breakfast at home or wants a change - low calories, easy, nutritious and YUM with some dried fruit on top.
A TEXT TO MY BEST: When I've got a bit more time in a work day to breeeeeathe, I use my lunch-break to catch up on any correspondence - usually with my best girls! Today I sent a little text to my longest standing friend from school to make sure she knew I was thinking of her and to just remind myself I have some really good & lovely friends...200 miles away! Smiles all round.

MY LAZY DINNER: The Tea the night before January payday is always questionable. Tonight I jazzed mine up by poaching the eggs in a silicone cupcake mould, just for kicks and I won't lie, the cool pattern it made gave me thrills. This 'council tea' is so unlike what I would usually eat - WHERE IS THE VEG! But some days you just need to have something bad for you, and tonight my weird little tea for one made me smile.

CLEANING: After a full-on day at work, I got straight home, put Last Fm on and cleaned the bathroom to Who Let the Dogs Out (it was the radio I had no choice) and my spirit was sparkling by the end of it. I should admit this isn't our bathroom, I just wish it was. Cleaning is so therapeutic when you get into it, to the point it was one of the little things that has made me happy today. I'm a few words away from going straight into my newly cleaned bath and finishing my day with a blissful soak. All this happiness, and I haven't spent a penny...

Fittingly, I am also going to buzz off going to bed super early and reading a book with this bookmark. Rock and Roll...

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