20 January, 2013

Weekly Running Song: My iPod and I

Eye of the Tiger on repeat there dear.
Going for a run is much like being in a film. Kinda...

I don't just refer to the fact that occasionally I might imagine I am in a Hollywood blockbuster with my very own soundtrack blasting out for all the far corners of Sheffield to hear. As well as that (ahem) I do actually find that each run is a bit like a story. There's a beginning, a middle, an end, changing scenery, a stream of consciousness and a whole host of emotions in between. While the plot and set is different each time, for many running always has the same ending - a damn good one. Frustrations are vented, bouncing off a hill somewhere into a valley never to be seen again, any sadness is lifted and our happiness is still out there cartwheeling across the pennines, long after we've taken our trainers off.

What really makes a run though, is the music. The playlist. The songs you select to compliment your workout. Music does a lot for a lot of people -  it makes the world go round for heaven's sake, it's safe to say humanity owes it a great deal - but as well as encouraging the earth to spin on it's axis, music helps me run better. Not always faster or stronger, just better, with a clearer mind. In the same way that you choose your excercise according to how you feel, you have to also choose your playlist to suit your mood and make sure it is spot on.

At some point on every run I have a 'song moment'. The Song Moment is when a certain track starts playing on my ipod and it just fits. I scream (on the inside) 'Yes! This!', my energy rockets and my mind feels clear. In life, you just need one person to understand you in order to be okay - for me when I am running, it just takes one song to set me free. Often when it happens, I wonder why everyone doesn't listen to this very song every day?!?! All day?!?! It is amazing!!! And sometimes I share the song on Twitter, or I just come home and 'sing' it in the shower. It can be anything from dance, to trance, to acoustic to plain old pop. There is a song for every run and come on...who hasn't loved stamping along to Gaga?

I regularly request new running music inspiration from my Twitter followers, because it is so important to keep the music as fresh as the route, and I am often sent loads of really great suggestions. In return, from now on I am going to post a weekly song, for my like-minded running friends or to inspire anyone maybe looking for a change of playlist.

To kick things off, this week is a happy track.  After such a beautiful snowy weekend, it's probably not suprising that this tune is what catapulted me into euphoria 47 minutes and 19 seconds into my run this afternoon, just as I was rounding the corner to run up to my front door. Camera fade out...

Happy Sunday.


Hall & Oates - 'You Make my Dreams Come True'


 (Probably most likely last heard on the 500 Summer Days of Summer soundtrack, from the morning after Tom has just got Summer into bed for the first time - what a scene!)

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