22 January, 2013

Pamper or Scamper - Beauty Time for a Girl on the Go!

'Beauty is in feeling good about yourself and putting a pretty dress on, that's when you tend to sparkle'

Hands up if you're good at looking after your body in terms of food and exercise but not so good at remembering to treat it kindly some times? Yeah, me either. In this world, girls are put under so much pressure to look fit and healthy, that it doesn't leave much time for everything else we are supposed to do too. It can be a hard act to juggle and with perfectly manicured hands we are so likely to drop the ball. Or in my case the baking batter, right into our hair. Eurgh.

Ultimately I lean towards being the 'run, shower,quick lippy and fly-out-door' sort of girl. I do love to feel sparkly clean and can often be found under running water, but after a quick moisturise that's where it ends, as I am usually more focused on getting out into the world and living. Apart from the Sunday manicure and occasional fake-tanning sessions that come before a big night out, I find the beauty is in feeling good about yourself and putting a pretty dress on - that's when you tend to sparkle.

My Mum brought us up to be confident from the inside, so there wasn't a huge focus on ritualistic beauty regimes growing up, it was more about health and hygiene, and I am grateful to that as I think I have the balance pretty well made. That said, I think regular 'grooming' is essential too as it can actually help relax the mind, the physical aspects of a good old pamper are quite often for me just the by-product of what has ultimately been a quite indulgent, meditative session of 'me time'.

Over the years I have succumbed to some basic beauty habits that I had previously thought I could afford to opt out of or just couldn't afford to maintain. Many of these habits have caught up with me, mainly because my best friend is a successful beautician & make-up artist and she's been known to stare at me aghast when I come out with things like 'oh I never condition my hair'. That was Summer 2006 , she gave me what for, my hair has never had a dry day since. While we're confessing, I only started using a facial moisturiser on a regular basis 3 weeks ago (sorry Abbi...) and I do feel fresher for doing it.

As part of my new year's strive to be easier on myself, I have promised myself a massage a month, more rest and more pampering injected into my daily routine - not to look better, but to feel more taken care of. There isn't time for everything, and sometimes it's a choice 'exercise or have nice hair today?! hmmm', but we make the time for the things we need to and I have found that in doing what I am in the mood for and following my body's orders, I tend to get the balance okay.

How do you balance the need for both beauty and exercise? Let me know your tips!

Here's what I got up to last night:
No pamper is complete without a face mask....

Top beauty tip: Soap & Glory's bi-annual deal at Boots - for 1 day only you can buy £75 worth of their products for £28, including these 2 giant tubs of Sugar Crush Body Scrub and Righteous Body Butter, which are my favourite from the set. The deal is advertised on MSE and the next one will be due int he Summer, but the set I just bought should be lasting me the whole year as the tubs are massive! The packaging is gorgeous to boot.

I bought these Dead Sea Bath Salts for my boyfriend who has been  doing a lot of physical training lately, as they are supposed to ease muscle pain. My Mum has used them a lot to ease the symptoms of her ME and she finds they can help - my legs were aching from my first long run in a few weeks so I gave them a shot last night. You have to soak for at least 20 minutes and they are quite pricey at £7.59 for the box (about 4 baths worth of salts) so it is worth soaking for the minimum time if you do invest. I can't say I noticed anything but I probably wasn't patient enough as Miranda was on...

I bought this colour (Rimmel, Lasting Finish, Pearl Drop 202 - available at Boots) last summer and have a belt, bag and jumper that match so I wear it a lot to tie my outfits together . I love the Rimmel Lasting Finish nail polish range as they're affordable at less than £3 a bottle and they do a gorgeous selection of colours. If I have nothing planned on a Friday night, I buy one of these and treat myself to a new manicure. Variety really is the spice of life and something as small as this can make me smile!
I took a while choosing the perfect moisturiser as I don't have the best skin  and have to be careful, but a friend recommended this No.7  Essential Moisture Day Cream to me as a close second to Clinique's range. I got this with a £5 off voucher from Boots for just £4 (standard price £9 a tub). The pot is a decent size and you only need a tiny amount so it should last at least 6 months. The £5 of No.7 vouchers are valid at Boots until Sunday 278th Jan and they do a night-time version of this plus ranges for Dry/Oily skin.

I am also currently looking for somewhere for my friend and I to go this Saturday for a massage when  she comes to visit, so far the winning option seems to be Beauty Zone on Eccleshall Road as they offer a Back, Neck & Shoulder massage for £18, an extra free manicure each when you bring a friend AND 50% off your first treatment.


  1. Nice one Hannah, I have varying degrees of beautification depending on the reason why I'm leaving the house but without fail I have to have a tube of Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden in my make up bag. It fixes everything, total miracle cream. The other thing I like is St Tropez highlighter cream for a nice dewy finish to my make up it's meant to compliment their tanning range but works great on your face - a little for work and a touch more for nights out :D

  2. Thanks Kerry! I am going to seek out that St Tropez highlighter, it sounds right up my street! 'Varying degrees of beautification' - love it, stealing this phrase!xx


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